Creators on the popular online video platform YouTube are outraged over their new terms that allow accounts to be deleted if they’re not “commercially viable.”

YouTube has grown to be one of the leading video platforms allowing countless creative heads to showcase their work in various forms. Moreover with monetization, many have taken creating YouTube content as a full-time job.

One of the best examples is that of Lilly Singh AKA Superwoman who has grown to be one of the leading creators on YouTube, making big bucks. However, YouTube’s new terms and conditions have every content creator in a panic.

In layman terms, if YouTube isn’t making money off of your account, there is a chance the company will delete your channel. Moreover, the current terms do not include this criterion.


However, because of the vagueness of the condition, everyone has been speculating only. Since there is a big chance for this to be the case. As of now, the broad term hasn’t been cleared by the YouTube giant itself.

In case ‘termination on not being commercially viable’ does indeed confirm the fears of many, the future of content creators is at stake.

Moreover, Pakistani YouTubers that have just recently started to dabble with video content career might have to find an alternative soon. This is definitely an alarming update that has everyone worried around the globe.

YouTube started sending out emails to all users informing them about their ToS [Terms of Service], last week. However, it is to be noted that the company tried to convey their message in simpler words that still aren’t as direct as one would hope.

According to their written ToS, the termination clause probably applies to each and every one owning an account on YouTube; even those who simply view videos but not necessarily monetize their account.

Various social media platforms have been criticized for policies that appear to unfairly target some creators while allowing other questionable content to flourish.

There are some calls from both Republican and Democratic politicians for a greater role of government in regulating social media platforms, while free speech advocates have opposed these proposals.

YouTube will be updating their Terms of Service effective on 10 December 2019.

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