when you are tired your _________ shrinks


This is what you need to know about my favorite time of the day. It’s not that I’m so much of a morning person. I’m not, but it is also not that I don’t like to get up and get started. I love getting up in the morning. Unfortunately, my morning starts at 7:30.

My favorite time of the day. Again, not that Im that early, but it is a time when I usually have a nice bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee first thing. I like the sound of my morning coffee, especially after I’ve been working all day.

The reason for this is because I like to think of myself as one of the “cool” people and I love to think of myself as being the cool person. I can’t think of any reason for it. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It just feels pretty weird, I guess. We just need to remember that I like to think of myself as cool and cool all the time. This goes out the window and on to the next day.

The main reason that I like to think of myself as being cool is because I like to wear the same shirt every day. I like to think that the coolness of my shirt is because I like to wear it.

I don’t think we can help but think of ourselves as cool if we think of ourselves as being cool. It’s just a natural part of who we are, it’s just that we need to stop trying to talk ourselves into thinking otherwise. The coolness of our shirts is our own way of not talking ourselves out of it.

I know this may sound like a joke, but the thing I love about this shirt is that you can wear it from day to day and still have it look pretty cool. After all, the coolness is not dependent on the design.

When we are not cool, we are lazy. When we are not trying to be cool, we have no energy to do anything. When we are not wearing cool clothes, we are not doing anything. There is no energy in our bodies to do things, so we just do them. This is why I call this “the lazy” part of us. When we are not taking care of ourselves, we have no energy to do anything.

Even though I have a long history of chronic fatigue and illness, this is the first time I ever ran into any of those symptoms. I’ve always been an athlete and have never been a couch potato. I know I’m not very physically active, but I’m not a couch potato either. I have long, thick, curly, shoulder-length hair and go out all the time to run, play sports, and do other activities.

This is a good reminder that there is a lot of good stuff we have to do to maintain our health. I know that many of you reading this are working hard on maintaining your health. I also know that the best way to maintain your health is to do things that will keep you from getting sick. So do a lot of squats, or walk outdoors a lot.

I’ve taken a look at your workout routine and you’ve got some good ideas. For example, you exercise with your eyes closed. You don’t lift anything heavy, but you do move around. You’ve got a bunch of great ways to strengthen your core and keep yourself moving. I think that many of us need a reminder like this to keep us healthy.


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