What is the need for celebrating World Migratory Bird Day?


World Migratory Bird Day presents associate degree annual theme getting to raise awareness of problems poignant migratory birds and to inspire individuals and organizations around the world to require measures for his or her conservation.

The need for celebrating World Migratory Bird Day because so that we can make a theme for every year and this year’s theme is “Protect Birds: Be the Solution to Plastic Pollution”.

With associate degree annual production of quite 300m tons, plastic is one of the most widely used materials in the world.

What typically escapes one’s attention is that the plastic is employed for its main purpose for less than a flash compared with its lifecycle of twenty to five hundred years.

World Migratory Bird Day

The light-weight and discarded pieces are easily transported into ecosystems through the forces of nature causing serious threats to migratory species around the world.

Sadly, having wings doesn’t facilitate birds to escape the threat of plastic. Birds with stomachs jam-packed with plastic entangled and smothered by plastic rings and nets area unit only too real consequences of the toll that plastic takes on life.

“The growing scourge of plastic pollution across our planet is affecting waterbirds in many ways. When ingested, it can lead to poisoning and even starvation. “Waterbirds are facing so many threats, everyone can do something to tackle this one.”

The number of seabirds dying from the results of plastic once a year is presently one million and growing. Existing research pinpoints the urgency of the matter: not only do 90 percent of seabirds have plastic in their guts, but this proportion will reach 99 percent by 2050.

The international community has to take pressing action to mitigate unneeded injuries and mortality of migratory birds thanks to plastic pollution.

Together we are able to facilitate to curb the large tide of plastic. World Migratory Bird Day 2019 could be a distinctive probability to unite efforts in addressing this apace growing environmental drawback.


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