Wellhouse Ford Transit Giant 4WD camper van goes big and bold

Well, the house has recently developed camper van named TRANSIT GIANT like custom le tour having 19.7 Ft height similar to ford transit it debuted in the motor home and caravan show in this year itself that is 2019.

It includes removable seats, pass-through storage with various other functions making it versatile car for the year.

TRANSIT GIANT as its name suggests contains a large surface area in the van as well as has a unique floor plan. It also has a bathroom at the back.

Wellhouse Ford Transit Giant 4WD camper van goes big and bold
Wellhouse Ford Transit Giant 4WD camper van goes big and bold

The spacious environment of the car allows occupying oversized equipment, motorcycles in the car allowing having an adventurous journey having a complete sense of carrying home with them.

It also has the facility of dry bath and has door swings for the bathroom in order for maintenance of privacy for the sleeping facility it has a drop-down bed that is above the lounge.

It can be lifted away during day time and can be used at the night.  Although due to space issues one can lose the bedroom feel during the day it can be brought some cozy feeling.

It has a sleeping facility only for two. It also has sliding doors, it has a swivel driver seat and has two benches.

These seats provide extra elbow room at the dining table and dining table is completely removable.

Moreover, this van has water heaters and tanks which are placed between the floors of the van floor and a false floor.

The central floor is actually a false floor that is stretching from the rear load door. It also contains drawers for storage purposes.

It also has a burner stove with two faces which is solar charged and has the battery, which means solar energy can be stored for further use. It also has a fridge and external BBQ the proposed cost is £65,000.

It is been developed in Britain and the pre-production version is already on roads.

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