‘Watchmen’ Premiere Released – Honoring the Graphic Novel

'Watchmen' Premiere Released - Honoring the Graphic Novel
'Watchmen' Premiere Released - Honoring the Graphic Novel

Comic adaptations are always tricky. Some are bad right off the bat and some just reach a saturation point after a long drag of a run. So it’s natural for fans to meet these TV releases with apprehension but not Watchmen.

That’s one fandom that’s been denied new material for far too long with the only film preceded only by the short, one-year comic run that became insanely popular.

Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons and John Higgins in 1986 gave the world a comic that’ll make it to the world’s best graphic novels list time and again.

That being said fans need to be warned, the TV show created by David Lindelof Lost, The Leftovers isn’t your regular reboot/adaptation. It isn’t here to capitalize on a famous book and to put it plainly, Watchmen is downright confusing for newbies and the cultish fandom that is no doubt, still around.

'Watchmen' Premiere Released - Honoring the Graphic Novel
‘Watchmen’ Premiere Released – Honoring the Graphic Novel

Marathon of questions 

Just 10 minutes into watching Watchmen and you’ll have questions, and we mean lots of questions.

Where are all the familiar characters from the DC comics? Why does this look like a country cop drama? Is being a superhero this ugly? Did it just rain squids? Watchmen doesn’t really care! Let me tell you, this show isn’t here to serve up the fan service you’ve been waiting for. If you’re looking for Rorschach, Ozymandias, Nite Owl, Comedian, and Silk Spectre, you won’t find them here, at least, not directly.

So should you or should you not?

In the pilot itself, the show announces what it’s all about and if you feel a ‘take it or leave it’ vibe, trust that instinct because it really is unapologetic about its subject.

Set in the present, Watchmen doesn’t go back to the novel’s finale. Instead, it starts with a flashback of the Black Street Massacre. One of the most horrifying attacks in American history is the foundation of the show’s plot as the catastrophe finds a direct descendant in Angela Abar aka Sister Night.


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