Watch Lil Baby’s New Video for “Grace” f/ 42 Dugg.

Dominique Armani Jones born on December 3 in the year 1994. He is famously and professionally known as Lil Baby. Armani Jones is an American singer, rapper and songwriter.

Jones is basically from AtlantaGeorgia. ones released his first Mixtape in the year 2017 titled Perfect Timing. He received more popularity from his singles like “My Dawg, Freestyle, Drip Too Hard, Woah, Yes Indeed and Sum 2 Prove“.

42 Dugg is an American singer and rapper from Detroit. He was born on Nov 25, 1993. Dugg got into legal trouble at a very young age and jailed for 6 years reason being unknown to date. He is currently working with Lil Baby for Grace 4PF records.

In Mar 2020, Lil Baby releases his official music video titled “Grace”. The video showcasing the Detroit 42 Dugg. The video is directed by Jon J. The visuals of the video look very interesting.

Watch Lil Baby's New Video for "Grace" f/ 42 Dugg.
Watch Lil Baby’s New Video

The video begins with Dugg seen inside a prison and he is in preparation for his release. Next film we see Lil baby is out from his indulgence car and waiting to greet his freed friend Dugg from prison and carry a stack of cash for him.

As an unusual act the two friends instead of indulging in celebration affairs, the two pals head to church, where Lil baby takes the stage and 42 Dugg starts to confess his bad deeds.

42 Dugg is currently undergoing some legal difficulties. The rapper was alleged for possessing a Gun. Currently, the case is in Federal court in Georgia soon case will be transferred to Federal court @ Atlanta to face the firearm charge. 

On Instagram live – Lil Baby told all his followers “Now it’s my turn, everyone dumped their albums and try to achieve – Number 1, Number 2 and Number 3 positions. I named my album “My Turn “because I feel like everyone had a Lil Turn now it’s my turn.

Wishing Lil Baby All the best for Grace.


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