viOS 13 UPDATE: Here’s what to look forward – Full information and details


The Toyota Vios is among the foremost asked for vehicles within the Philippines. It is one of Toyota Motor Philippines’ most treasured nameplates, apart from its bigger MPV and SUV brothers. It’s a car sedan introduced in 2002 and is driven and tested by thousands of Filipino drivers, be it for public or private use.

The updated Vios hosts a whole new exterior and interior design. Decorating the front are the long squinting headlights, teardrop-shaped fog lamp vents, plus a wide trapezoidal grille. Even the taillights have been stretched, wrapping to the rear quarter panel.

New to the line-up is that the Prime variants that area unit equipped with skirts, spoiler, and a differently styled bumper straight out of the showrooms. The cabin shows a newly created steering wheel that’s similar to the Yaris’, while the dashboard boasts a more unified styling to the sense that it flows smoothly towards the door panels. G variants get push start/stop button as standard.

There aren’t any changes when it comes to what’s under the hood, though. The 2019 Vios continues to be steam-powered by a one.3 and 1.5 Dual VVTi engines from Toyota’s NR powerhouse family.

Vios 13

It is designed employing an ancient 3-box body-structure, improving body balance and structural rigidity. Standard fifteen in. rims lend a muscular feel, enhancing visual aesthetics.

Capable of returning twenty-nine mpg inside town limits and thirty-three mpg on the superhighway. Engine refinement helps its stand-out against all competition.

Inside the Toyota Vios, it shares a big resemblance with its sibling the Toyota Yaris. The overall quality is better than the previous generation. The Optitron meter features an analog tachometer and speed meter. While a 4.2-inch display at the right shows digital info on the Vios’ odometer, fuel, and even a digital speed meter.

At the back, the rear row is now better since it can accommodate tall occupants comfortably. The car seats seem to be more appropriate for urban driving than off-road driving.

In detail, the Toyota Vios seats fail to comfort drivers’ lower back as it provides no lumbar support, which might cause a backache during long off-road trips. The sporty design of the Toyota Vios center console is one of the highlights with the dashboard that is wrapped with high-qualified plastic.

It matches the large tachometer display with an analog speedometer. The Vios packs very user-friendly steering wheel controls which looks pretty simple.

The gauge is decorated with a good beautiful design dial. This gives the Toyota Vios interior a youthful and sophisticated look. It highlights modern audiophiles and great adjustability for audio centralization, which promises to comfort and relax the ears of drivers and occupants.

The trunk space remains the same as with its predecessor. This not good or bad considering that the Vios is large enough to handle your everyday needs, even ideal for a small family of 4.


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