Update on Renewed Modern Love Season 2: Rom-Com Anthology Series

After watching the entire season of Modern Love with binge, fans started craving for its next installment, Modern Love Season 2. Season one debuted on Amazon Prime and took a big flight, as everyone loved the concept of the romantic-comedy anthology series.

Modern Love is based on a weekly relationship column for Amazon Prime by the New York Times of the same name. The show focuses on various love stories

Great actors like Anne Hathaway, Dev Patel, Tina Fey, Sophia Boutella, and more.
The anthology series enthralled viewers with a variety of love stories as well as their joys and pains.

The first season of Modern Love debuted on the streaming service on October 18, 2019. The show received a positive response from critics and fans, Too.

Update on Renewed Modern Love Season 2: Rom-Com Anthology Series

In addition, it proved to be one of the streaming service’s most fragile ROM-COM series. This is because the show takes people on a beautiful journey Of love and its difficulties.

Last week Amazon officially ordered the show for its second run. The renewal was announced on October 24, 2019. Renewed steps are taken for renovation Place on Amazon Prime in just four days after the show debuted.

The show’s producer, John Carney, also shared his excitement with The Hollywood Reporter for The Modern Love Season 2. As he said, “looking at the green

To move forward with modern love, light is a great thing for us to keep telling stories of love while opening series in new cities and worlds. The possibilities are truly endless. ”

Carney also said that later seasons can really branch out and dig deeper into what it means to love in this complex world. Modern Love’s desperate fan base took to Twitter to share their enjoyment of the renewal.

The audience is excited to see what kind of love story Season 2 is bring? Which actors will feature and many more.

However, until now, Somalore had gone for renewal only. More updates are yet to come for Modern Love Season 2.

The head of Amazon Studios, Jennifer Salke, discussed the success of the debutant Love Anthology on the streaming giant. As she praised, since its introduction last week,
The response to Morden Love from the audience has been surprising.

It is a show with a lot of emotion, love, and warmth, every episode touches the heart differently, she added. Salke also said

That they are very excited to bring beautiful stories of romance, friendship, love and family from Modern Love to all Global Prime Video subscribers.

Modern Love debuted on Amazon Prime in October 2019. Therefore, the Samporamum run of the love-anthology series will likely return only in October 2020. Until then, stay tuned for further updates on Modern Love Season 2.

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