TREVOR is Returning to GTA 6 CONFIRMED : Release Date rumors & More !!!

Many gamers have been cracking their brains about the arrival of GTA 6. It has been a whole six years since the 5th installment of the popular game GTA launched on gaming consoles and PC, meaning an announcement could be imminent.

However, gamers, if you want to know the truth, then no one knows when GTA 6 will get launched. It’s just that Rockstar Games can give the news at any possible time.

It does not look like a 2019 release is very likely to happen, although given how close we are to the end of the year – and since Rockstar confirmed it would not be landing before the year ends after a hoax release date got plastered all over the internet.

But humankind from the day he invented fire was probably gossiping. Jokes apart as we love rumors and gossips about any upcoming event. Then let us look through some of the gossip news that we got about GTA 6.

TREVOR is Returning to GTA 6 CONFIRMED : Release Date rumors & More !!!

According to some reports, we could be waiting until 2020 for the next Grand Theft Auto, which most likely would make us happier.

Rockstar has supported GTA Online, the multiplayer component of GTA V, since the game launched back in September 2013 with regular content updates. Rockstar has been busy over the past years, focusing on getting Red Dead Online running smoothly.

Some feel that the news of GTA 6 can come up any time soon. Grand Theft Auto V, whereby it’d be released at the very tail end of the current generation, comfortably released on the new generation and straddle both for the broadest install base possible.

According to someone who was at the event, Ogg said that GTA 6 would be coming “soon”. Now we don’t know whether this is news or probably a rumor.

So, Gamers just keep your nerves and mind cool so that when the release date is announced, you can party over the news

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