Topic 1- Netflix: “Black Mirror”, Season 6′ Release Date, Cast, And What’s Going To Happen? [Know Here]

Is Black Mirror coming with season 6? After the huge success of its last season, the return of this sci-fi Netflix original would be an exciting arrival for the fans. Keep reading to find out more. 

Black Mirror S6- Release Date

Despite the anticipation, Annabel Jone and Charlie Brooker, the makers of the series haven’t confirmed anything as of now. Even if they renew the show, it is going to take a long time before we can expect season 6 on air. As there is no announcement yet.

Netflix: "Black Mirror", Season 6' Release Date, Cast, And What’s Going To Happen? [Know Here]
Netflix: “Black Mirror”, Season 6′ Release Date, Cast, And What’s Going To Happen? [Know Here]

What’s Going To Happen In The Story Next?

But then Brooker recently gave a statement about the show that started speculations about the renewal. He said that the team is planning to play around the show’s format a bit with spin-offs, one-offs or an ongoing story. It led to the growing excitement because in the last season got to see the faces of some amazing stars.

The Cast Of Season 6-Black Mirror

Because the next season isn’t confirmed and everything is based on speculations, not much can be said about the cast. Depending on the story, based on Brooker’s statement, if season 6 does return as an ongoing story, the return of the cast can be expected. 

But in the case of one-offs or spin-offs, a change of cast can be expected. In that case, a new mix of faces can be chosen just like the last season that cast some of the well-established names like Miley Cyrus, Jonn Hamm, and Andrew Scott along with some fresh British talents like Daniel Kaluuya and Alex Lawther.

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