This New Ferrari 250 GTO Onboard Footage is to Educate you About Footwork

This footage is for the foot freaks out there. an onboard lap at a track-only shows a driver’s hands often, not what their feet are doing. How one operate a car’s pedals are also important. A new video shows the footwork that goes into a quick lap as well.

Dutch professional racing driving Nicky Pastorelli who had recently hustled a Ferrari 250 GTO around Circuit Zandvoort in a YouTube video. Not only does the car sound incredible, but there was a camera mounted beneath his seat so you can exactly see how he worked the clutch, brakes, and throttle.

But the video is also split-screen, so you can see the gear lever, the steering wheel and also the way the track is headed. Watching it all work side-by-side is fascinating.

The 250 GTO model was the successful development of the 250 GT series in competition form while remaining a road car. It made its public debut at the annual pre-season Ferrari press conference in January 1962, and was the only front-engine model on display, with its monoposto and sports racing counterparts all having a mid-engine configuration.

This New Ferrari 250 GTO Onboard Footage is to Educate you About Footwork

This model had no tail spoiler and one was added before its competition debut at the Sebring circuit in America in March 1962. On its maiden outing in the 12 Hour Race, driven by Phil Hill and Olivier Gendebien, the 250 GTO finished second overall to a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa sports racing car.

It has also won the GT category comfortably, an impressive debut performance upon which it would build during the next three years.

The model was built on a 2400 mm wheelbase, as had been the 250 GT ‘SWB’ from which it was derived. Although the chassis of the car was built along the same lines, it used a smaller section tubing, with additional bracing for increased torsional rigidity, and was given factory type reference 539/62 Comp., and then 539/64 Comp. Like the earlier 250 GT ‘SWB’ Berlinettas, four-wheel disc brakes were fitted, with a cable-operated handbrake to the rear wheels, and it was also available as both a left- and right-hand drive.

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