“The Witcher” Trailer OUT ON Netflix NOW

According to a new trailer, based on the acclaimed novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, The Troller’s adaptation of The Witcher will be available on December 20.

This is the second trailer of Netflix’s much-awaited series, following a brief description of the show last summer at San Diego Comic-Con. It highlights Geralt’s relationship with the other characters in the show but features some new and intense action sequences.

The series takes all its inspiration from Sapkowski’s series, rather than the incredibly popular RPG series from Prozac Red.

Although Henry Cavill’s Geralt appears in the bathtub, The Witcher 3 pays homage to a moment that sparked a popular meme.

Lauren Schmidt Hisserich, who is overseeing the series and known for her work on The Umbrella Academy and The Defenders, told Entertainment Weekly in July that her show was intentionally turned away from video games.

“They went in one direction, we actually get to go another,” Hisrich said. “We have a type of grip near our chest that we do in the first season.”

It is not just video games and TV series that have found inspiration in The Witcher. There are a range of board games and even trading card games. They all incorporate Sapkowski’s original stories to varying degrees.

In the trailer, we fight against a lot of bandits and monsters, use a bit of magic, and appear from the characters Ciri and Jennifer. Of course, it would be rude not to reference the infamous bathing scene from the game, so it has.

We’ve got a little time to look before we can see if Netflix’s The Witcher does any justice to the books (and games) – so to help release their time as late as Until December release date comes, why not read the excellent writing of The Witcher 3.

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