The Walking Dead: A Fan-Favorite Character Dies and Signals the End of an Era


If you are looking for a doctor in Alexandria, you want to look elsewhere.

The Sunday night episode of The Walking Dead largely focused on Siddiq (Avi Nash) and his mental health, after which he was forced to commit the brutal murders of 10 of his friends and neighbours – including Enid (Kelly Nacken), Tara (Alana Masterson), and Henry (Matt Lintz) – at the hands of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the Whispers last season. And the good doctor was struggling.

The season had already offered the idea of ​​having a relationship with new boy Dante (Juan Xavier Cardenas), who was battling PTSD and his fellow white-coat.

She is now restless and is sleeping amidst her nightmares and sleeping on a windmill, and the issue is complicated by the fact that an unqualified amount of Alexandrians – including her baby mama, Rosita (Christian Ceratos) Are – ill.

The Walking Dead: A Fan-Favorite Character Dies and Signals the End of an Era

Insomnia seems to cause him little confusion and even suicide when he put hemlock in his medical bag when he went to treat Carol and Daryl’s Whisperer captives, which Dante then killed. Poured when he accidentally gave it to the prisoner. It is only after Siddiqui jumps into the lake and is rescued by Rosita that she realizes that the community has something to do with drinking water.

As we already know, a part of Alpha’s plan is to poison Alexandria’s water supply. We didn’t realize just how dangerous this plan was – and a Whisper plant in Alexandria was included to check it out.

In the final moments of the episode, Dante goes to meet his so-called “friend” Siddiq, who he claims to be a mixture of water. But when Siddique hears that Dante makes a definite clicking sound with his tongue, he feels something he heard before … which is amidst a devastating whisper attack.


He has an epiphany – Dante feeds the hemlock to the whisper! Dante gives Alexandrians water! Dante is the person who told him to “open his eyes” during the attack! Dan is a WHISPERER! – but his expression say’s he is trying to reach the weapon.

“I didn’t want you not, not like this,” Dante says as he murders Coco’s father. “Close your eyes,” he whispers.

While Siddiq only entered the picture at the beginning of season 8, he is a lively embodiment of the legacy of Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), who was bitten by a walker and died trying to save the Doctor and bring him into the Alexandrian community Went.

Carl’s vision for the future of Alexandria, which has mostly come true, includes Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) raising tomatoes and all, absolutely Siddiq. But with the death of his father Rick (Andrew Lincoln), the imminent departure of Michonne (Danai Gurira), and now this, is the end of Alexandria as we know – and as Carl had dreamed – on us?

“I think Siddique struggled a lot to keep his promise to Carl,” Nash said on The Talking Dead after the episode. “In season 9, we saw how committed he was to keep his promise to Carl… and he really struggled to bring communities together.

“If anything, this season, working with all PTSD has thrown a little wrench,” Nash said. “He is really a bit of a city whether he wants to continue this message of mercy or if he wants to bow a little in anger. I think her mind was changed because she is in a waking nightmare all the time. ”

Sitting near Riggs, Nash also talked about his big scene several seasons ago.

“It’s ridiculous, Chandler was the very first person who brought me into the family … and in your last episode you said something like, ‘You’re welcome,’ and, ‘Now you’re stuck with us,” he said. “I remember that really true, apart from really good acting. I was like, a huh, I’m here now and the torch is kind of passed. ‘


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