The Walking Dead 1012 preview and synopsis: Walk with Us.

The Walking Dead is an American horror television series. It has a huge casting which included Steven Yeun, Christian Serratos, Melissa Mcbride, Chandler Riggs, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, etc and Andrew Lincoln played the lead role in few series.

The Walking Dead horror series is produced by AMC studios and most of the shooting takes place in huge outdoor locations near Senoia, Georgia at Riverwood studios. The horror series is exclusively aired on Fox networks and on AMC in the United States of America.

The sequence is a huge collection of survivors from a Zombie Disaster who are known as walkers. The Mindless robots attack constantly on the stayers.

The Walking Dead 1012 preview and synopsis: Walk with Us.
The Walking Dead 1012 preview and synopsis:

However, with the lack of humanity, these stayers face a huge conflict between themselves and start forming groups and communities and set rules and regulations which in return leads to unfriendly relations between existing groups.

The first episode of the series started in the year 2010 on Oct 31. The walking dead became very popular and successful from season 1 and have a huge number of followers to date. Viewers are passionate about the horror series and thrilled to wait for more.

Season 10 of the series was released in 2019 and currently, it has crossed more than 1000 episodes

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Let’s know the preview of The Walking Dead 1012 episode. The fight of Hilltop remains unchanged this week. Zombies are compelling the survivors to fight to win their lives or die. At the moment Negan and Alpha get closer during battle explodes.

Things look hopeless when whisperers unleash bundle of pine sap burnt with flaming arrows. As the fire spreads the stayers had to fight for their lives also stop the flames to save their homes.

All the AMC premium customers can access the episodes of the walking dead on Friday at 9 pm ET and need not wait till Sunday night for the show.

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