The UK Allows The Import Of Medical Cannabis- An Important Step In The Medical Industry

The United Kingdom increased leniency on the import restrictions of medical cannabis. Wholesalers got the provision to distribute larger quantities of cannabis oil and flower at a much-reduced price.

The change in the regulations was made keeping in mind the patients who are prescribed cannabis products. Medical cannabis after this would not only be available easily but also become more affordable for patients in the country.

The legalization of medical cannabis happened in 2018 after a few families with epileptic children reportedly had to face a lot of issues for the medicines. Access to medical cannabis is highly limited in several countries.

The UK Allows The Import Of Medical Cannabis- An Important Step In The Medical Industry

Like, the public health service agencies in the US do not prescribe medical cannabis to serious patients. They continue to doubt the safety and effectiveness of cannabis drugs and insist on more data.

Thus to get access to legal cannabis, the patients have to get it prescribed by the private doctors. Also, in that case, the prescriptions need to get renewed every 30 days. Moreover, cannabis drugs are imported and take much time to arrive. The process is extremely expensive. Even if the medicines come for a better price they take more than 2 months to arrive. 

But with the current changes in action, UK suppliers will now be able to stock up medical cannabis products. It will not just bring down the prices of the Cannabis drugs but also pace up the treatment reducing the waiting period from a few months to days if not hours or minutes.

Advocates support the welcoming decision by the government and appreciate the government’s stance to reduce the expenditure of patients being spent simply on the drugs which are not even the entire treatment. 

The pharmacists support the change in the laws and consider a positive step. Although they will not be able to promote cannabis products, it will allow pharmacists to reach out to more prescribers. It would increase the usage required for the collection of data which in turn is necessary for drug approval.

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