“The Stranger” Review, So Twisted That People Are Forgetting To Breathe


Fans of the Kill Mystery series, which has big twists that can binge on a single weekend on Netflix, have been fortunate enough to have at least two people in the past several weeks.

The last week of December gave us the second season of Yu featuring our favorite killer stalker, Ben Badley’s Joe Goldberg, and just last week, Netflix debuted the Harlan Copen series The Stranger, starring Hannah John-Common in the title role.

However, both series have more in common than murder and mystery. Social media couldn’t help but notice that both the lead and the stranger named in The Stranger have disguised themselves in the same way: by wearing a baseball cap.

I wear a baseball cap almost every day! Is this why I need to re-introduce myself to people I have already met all the time? Have I gone into carelessness? Or because I’m like a bad, hat-wearing, middle-aged, white guy?

“The Stranger" Review, So Twisted That People Are Forgetting To Breathe
“The Stranger” Review, So Twisted That People Are Forgetting To Breathe

Netflix has released a new drug series called The Stranger, and I can’t stop talking about it.
This is a suspense British miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Harlan Cobain.

Not only was he my favorite thriller writer, but he also gave us Netflix gems like The Five and Safe, so I knew the show would not disappoint.

It follows a woman, known as a stranger, who receives money by revealing deep-rooted – and often confusing – secrets to confuse people.

One of the victims was Adam Price. He tells Adam that his wife, Gorin, has faked his latest pregnancy/miscarriage and that they should investigate the paternity of the two boys.

Anyway, Gore’s disappearance, Adam’s life is turned upside down, and the stranger is constantly destroying the lives of others with more secrets.

The stories of each person she meets are intertwined with those of the other characters.
Yes, these are confusing scenarios you might expect.

It is packed with so many twists, you feel like a pretzel when it comes to the final episode.
I’m not currently obsessed with The Stranger.

Reactions have already gone to Twitterverse, and here’s what people are saying:


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