The Most Successful Marijuana Company in the World: Dockside Cannabis


Dockside Cannabis is the most successful Marijuana company in the world. They started with one tiny shop and now they have six shops that generate $6 million in revenue every year. Dockside has a very clear goal: to provide products that people want for an affordable price without sacrificing quality. This blog post will explore how Dockside became so successful, what they do to compete with other companies, and why it’s important to understand your target audience when building a business.

The Most Successful Marijuana Company in the World: Dockside Cannabis

Posted by Admin on Thursday, January 18, 2019 14:00 PM PST Updated Jan 19th, 2019 09:48 AM PST

There are more than 50 marijuana companies in Oregon alone. But there is only one that has six shops generating $600 million every year and it’s not Canopy Growth or Aurora. It’s dockside cannabis – a company from Eugene with just one tiny shop at first. This blog post will explore how dockside became so successful and what lessons other business can take away to build their own success story.

What Makes Dockside Different?

Lets start off with something simple – the name of this company! Dockside cannabis company is actually named after the place it was founded in. The founder, Tomas Balogh-Zimmerman wanted a name that would be recognizable with Eugene locals and at first he just used “dockside” as an idea for the company’s name but when people asked him what dockside was he realized that DockSide Cannabis Company could be something more than just his own personal business.

It is easy to see why this company has been so successful – they’ve managed to create a great brand out of their location alone!

What else makes dockside different? One unique thing about them is how they focus on diversity: not only are there people from all walks of life employed by dockside cannabis, you’ll also find lots of details about cannabis culture and the history of marijuana industry inside their showroom.

Tomas Balogh-Zimmerman, dockside cannabis founder: “We want to promote diversity in all its forms.”

This includes giving back to the community because they believe that it’s important for everyone to recognize how this company has benefited from what Eugene already had going on before dockside arrived – whether through hiring local people or sourcing from other businesses in Oregon. They are proud of their culture and grateful for the opportunity without forgetting about those who have come before them. This is a significant aspect that many companies overlook but one which really gives dockside an extra edge over others!

In addition, Dockside Cannabis Company prides themselves on providing quality care so, in January 2019, they began a partnership with Leafly to provide information about what individual products are made of as well as how the product is expected to make someone feel.

Dockside Cannabis Company was founded by two long-time Oregonians in 2015. Their goal? To create a company that would be an asset and not just another corporation looking for profit.

Their initial focus was on medical marijuana but has since expanded into recreational cannabis because their customers wanted it – despite some concerns from others who warned them against doing so due to potential federal laws changes (which have now happened) or tax consequences once full legalization kicks in early next year! But Dockside knew better than anyone: “We want to promote diversity in all its forms.”


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