The “Hipster” Way to Get Cannabis: What is a “Zip”?

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What is a “zip” of weed? It’s the newest, most popular way to buy cannabis. But what does zipping mean in this context? In short, it means that you are buying a baggie of bud for an affordable price. You can find these zips at your local head shop or dispensary.

There are many benefits of zipping instead of buying an ounce. It is cheaper than the more traditional way to buy cannabis, but a zip will last longer because it’s smaller and contains less product in general: about one gram for every two dollars you spend (some dispensaries offer discounts if you pay up front). Zip bags also fit into your pocket or purse easily so they’re discreet. And while some people might say this method bypasses quality control, the truth is that most dispensary budtenders know their strains better then head shop employees do, meaning there should be no difference in quality between what you get from either location.

Some tips about how to find good zips: look at reviews on Leafly and other online review sites zip bags or tote bags, keep an eye out for dispensaries with low prices on zips


-people who are looking for a discreet way to get their cannabis.

-those that want to bypass quality control and buy weed in bulk.

-dispensary budtenders that know the strains better then head shop employees do.

Reviews: Leafly, other online review sites; dispensary budtenders know more about the product than headshop employees. Low cost at some dispensaries due to discounts if paid up front–great option when wanting something discreet! There is no difference in quality between what you can purchase from either location (headshops vs dispensary). Reviews may influence decision of where to purchase.

-some dispensaries are more willing to work with you and might be in a better location for access, making them the best choice when looking at price and convenience.

sources: Leafly’s reviews of zips

dispensaries budtenders know more about strains than headshop employees do, discounts possible–good option if discreet is desired or simply want something quick/easy! Reviews may influence decision of where to purchase. Dispensary staff can offer assistance on how much product to buy (ease). Some dispensaries have better locations for accessibility; low prices may also factor into this decision as well.

zips cannabis company

– zips cannabis company

CannaZip is the first and only legal, delivery service of its kind in California. CannaZip delivers medical marijuana to qualified patients throughout Los Angeles county who are unable to get themselves or their caregiver into a dispensary due to mobility issues (elderly), illness preventing them from getting out of bed, pregnancy limitations on driving/traveling long distances.

sources: LA Weekly article about CannaZip’s founder; website copy for info

about how it works–how many must qualify? what qualifies as “medical” pot? why not just go buy at store??? cheaper than headshop! use credit card with discreet billing!


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