The Dream Chapter: Magic album Released by TXT : Details inside

Ever since their debut, Big Hit’s rookie group has made a big impression. Now TXT’s second album The Dream Chapter: Magic is just around the corner! Read what we have to tell you to find out more.

The story of five

The Dream Chapter: MAGIC tells the story of the boys’ encounter together during their transition to adolescence, continued from the debut album The Dream Chapter:

STAR which was released in March. The album contains the “magical adventures” that the boys encounter together with their friends who are different, yet alike.

The Dream Chapter: Magic album Released by TXT : Details inside
The Dream Chapter: Magic album Released by TXT: Details inside

New things on the way

The album includes 8 tracks in total: the leads single “9 and Three Quarters (Run Away)”, “New Rules”, “Roller Coaster”, “Poppin’ Star”, “Can’t We Just Leave The Monster Alive?” “Magic Island”, “20cm” and “Angel Or Devil”.

The lead single tells a story about the magical moment that unfolds when the boys are together. The lyrics suggest eloping into a special magical place that is only open to their friends.

Unveil the stage

The powerful vocals of the five members, the unique lyrics and trendy melody make this piece another special song of TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

Showing their innocent yet playful sides, TOMORROW X TOGETHER reinterprets various genres of music, ranging from Synth Pop, Acoustic Pop to Hip-Hop through their first studio album.

Their performance also expresses energy and power. The Dream Chapter: Magic will be released on October 21 at 6 p.m. KST/ 5 a.m. EST. Pre-orders will begin on October 2 and can be ordered through Reply.

Leave them wanting more 

Followed by the high-quality contents such as the concept trailer, concept photos, official teasers, and album preview video released previously, the music and performance of their first studio album are to be revealed today amid high expectations.

The new teaser video will definitely get fans curious as the members of TXT to seem to get into some trouble thanks to their curiosity and use magic to getaway!

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