Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’: Rachel Thinks She might Be Pregnant again By Her New Boyfriend Kody

Could Rachel as of now be expecting child no? 2? That is the thing that her mother dreaded during the Feb. 4 scene of ‘Youngster Mom: Young and Pregnant’, only days after Rachel began dating her new beau.

Rachel and her new beau, Kody, may as of now be getting quite genuine on the grounds that during the Feb. 4 scene of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, she disclosed to her mother she was “late” with her period.

Rachel’s mother couldn’t accept what she was hearing. Particularly in light of the fact that Rachel is still so youthful and just met Kody.

In addition, Rachel can scarcely deal with one child, so how might she ever deal with two? Rachel didn’t assume that being “late” was a reason for concern, yet when her mother found out about it, she requested her sweetheart to race to the store and snatch three pregnancy tests for better precision.

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant': Rachel Thinks She might Be Pregnant again By Her New Boyfriend Kody
Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’: Rachel Thinks She might Be Pregnant again By Her New Boyfriend Kody

This likewise came after Rachel and her mother quarreled over her going to step through her driver’s examination — Rachel said she wasn’t arranged and would not like to go, while her mother said she couldn’t have cared less and needed to take her at any rate.

At last, Rachel won the fight, yet thusly, her mother said she’d fail to help her until the end of time.

In the interim, Ashley’s mother attempted to make harmony with Bar’s mother, however that turned out poorly.

Ashley’s mother and Bar’s mother jumped on the telephone with one another, yet they immediately began contending and Ashley’s mother recorded the whole discussion since she said she doesn’t confide in Bar’s mother.

What’s more, at last, Ashley’s mother disclosed to Ashley that Bar’s mother will be an issue. Ashley and Bar additionally contended about having separate birthday celebrations for Holly.

It was her thought, yet he thought it was strange, so in the long run, they chose to simply do one.

Afterward, Kayla discovered that her mother got affirmed for a similar high rise as her. At first, it bothered both her and Luke, however when Kayla discovered that her mother would be living in the structure nearby to her, she didn’t think it’d be as awful as she had envisioned.

In any event, it is anything but a condo on the opposite side of Kayla’s divider, isn’t that so?

At long last, Kiaya and Teazha began seeing a couple’s advisor in order to fix their relationship.

All things considered, Kiaya needs to fix it — Teazha believes it’s past the point of no return. Furthermore, Brianna chose not to take things delayed all things considered, and formally began dating Jayden.

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