Supernatural will Bring Back Young Sam and Dean for Final Season

After 15 seasons, Supernatural is finally saying goodbye. There is a lot to deal with by the end of the long-running CW series.

With so many characters appearing on the show throughout the seasons, the supernatural has seen the arrival of many. But even though co-showrunner Andrew Dub has agreed that Ghost facers will not be returning, fans can bet on another past character to appear in Season 15.

The Supernatural has always found a way to isolate Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Achilles). Whether it’s killing their parents or eliminating the main characters from their lives, the Winchester brothers have to rely on one another.

However, without the help of Castiel (Misha Collins), Bobby (Jim Beaver) and the many friends they made along the way, the boys would die (permanently, anyway).

Supernatural will Bring Back Young Sam and Dean for Final Season
Supernatural will Bring Back Young Sam and Dean for Final Season

Since Season 15 will be the last of Supernatural, co-showrunner Andrew Dub is pulling out all the stops. Speaking to TVLine, Dub says that fans should expect another character from Super natural’s past to reappear in Season 15.

[Returning] is a character we haven’t seen for 11 years. So I think there will be some surprises in the past and present of the show.

It is not surprising that another character returns, especially considering that the final season acts as a trip to Supernatural Memory Lane.

However, there are so many old characters to choose from, it is a bit difficult to speculate who this return will be.

I am banking on the return of Ellen Harwell (Samantha Ferris), who was last seen in the Season 6 Alternate Reality episode “My Heart Will Gone”.

In that episode, the Titanic never sinks, and Ellen and Bobby are married. However, in Supernatural Reality, Ellen and her daughter, Joe, in the season 5 finale, “Abandon All Hope …”

In addition, the series brings back Sam and Dean’s missing and often forgotten half-brother, Adam Milligan (Jack Abel). Poor boy Lucifer has been trapped in the cage since the end of season 5, and the show doesn’t mention him much since he disappeared into the “Swan Song” pit.

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