Supergirl- Season 5 Episode 6 Review: What’s making it’s Intresting?

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This is the time of year where Supergirl takes us down memory lane for a character or two, this time focusing on Lina and Andrea and their friendship that revolved in and out of boarding school.

Supergirl season 5, episode 6 is quite an episode, isn’t it? It’s not at all what I was expecting to see – especially as the trailer and photos show Lina and Andrea very little – but it really worked, incredibly well, before Lina’s National City To have a glimpse at life… which, honestly, changes too much.

Some of my opinions have changed now, and I have a very deep appreciation for both Lina and Katie McGrath, who actually gave this episode to all of her. However, as incredibly important and necessary as the episode proved to be for Lina and Andrea, it had some heavy flaws that went away with quality due to the messy, unorganized writing.

Supergirl season 5, episode 6 is very interesting because it has really changed my perspective on both Lina and Andrea, which I am both grateful for and upset about, because, it is quite complicated to know who is rooting for this season. While this episode ended on a darker note for Lina than we have seen so far this season, I now expect more of her redemption, and Andrea’s growing up on me as well.

The episodes where we dive deep into a character’s life prove to be some of the best episodes of the show. Although Supergirl season 3, episode 6, maybe nothing compared to “Midvale”, this episode will probably be the second … if it isn’t for many, many plot holes that the writers have created. Personally, the worst thing in this episode was that the holes in the plot were wigs.

Supergirl- Season 5 Episode 6 Review: What’s making it’s Intresting?

First, and perhaps the largest plot hole, is Lina’s age. When was she got arrested during Supergirl season 2, her arrest record stated that she was born in 1993. Despite Katie McGrath being almost a decade old at the time, it was canon that Lina was only 24, meaning she graduated high school and college. An advanced speed.

However, in these flashbacks with Andrea at boarding school, Lena would have been about 11 or 12 if the author had clung to Canon, and there was no way she was at that age and drinking with a fake ID. I wish she was written around 16, so now everything got messed up. How old is Leena? How old is Lex?

Second, Leena and Cara became fast friends during Super Girl Season 2 in Meri Yaad. They were best friends before the end of the season, of course. So Kat Grant was joining President Marcin’s campaign as press secretary, while Lina and Kara were still, supposedly making no sense in the process of becoming friends.

Kat told Kara, even when she returned for the final two episodes of the second season, that she had come to know what her place in the world was.

It was in the off-season between seasons 2 and 3 that Kat became press secretary, and there is no doubt that Kara and Lina were closest to friends, as Sam’s arrival in National City was all she had to do to join him… Friend group.

These were the two biggest plots that I took during Supergirl season 5, episode 6, though I highly doubt they are the only two. The writers changed Lina’s past a lot during this episode, and it would be interesting to know why there are so many problems when it comes to aero-verse and flashbacks. Neither of these shows may be able to go back in time to what was previously considered canon.

Andrea Rojas surprised me on Supergirl season 5, episode 6. It seems clear that Andrea is not the villain that anyone in National City should be concerned with, although it may now change that she (seemingly) lost her love. Who knows what effect this death might have on him, though I question sustainability.

With the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” nearby, it is impossible to take too much of what happens seriously, as everyone working on these aero-verse shows has said many times, it changes everything. To say whether to change Andrea or reverse Russell’s death?

It is difficult to find out whether we want to root for Andrea. Apart from killing a man, she has done nothing terrible that she cannot potentially return. Beginning to unlock her powers, Andrea was manipulated by Leviathan; Hell, Leviathan probably led Andrea to that cave for the first time, knowing that he was sure to be her hitwoman.

I mean, the reason Andrea also took the curse of being Accra in the first place is to save her father. It was not about his business, that just came as part of the deal because it cared most of Andrea’s father. The most important part of that whole story is how aware and knowable Leviathan was about the life and history of his family, and how they could appear and disappear in an instant, and it seemed that they Always watching.

Andrea certainly has no anti-heroes at the moment, such as her comic book counterpart, but I will not dismiss it. Once he can break free from Leviathan’s grip, I see Andrea continuing on his dark path, but using his enhanced intelligence only to take out the villains with villainous intentions.

I wouldn’t mind if he was stranded around National City for a thorn bump in favor of Supergirl, because there’s someone who’s willing to cross the line to do the mess, though if obsidian tech Leviathan falls If not, then I think we’ll have to say goodbye to another hit (season) surprise.


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