“Super Smash Bros” creator Masahiro Sakurai gives a masterful gameplay : Here every Detail of it


The obvious thing that needs to be addressed first is the impressive line up of characters. Before Super Smash Bros Ultimate was announced, we know so many of us here at HPCritical were talking about what characters would be returning, and which members of the roster would be left behind.

In Melee, the roster expanded and grew. In Brawl, we saw some characters get left behind and in Smash 4, we saw a lot of new characters, as well as some of these older characters, return, like Mewtwo…as paid DLC.

That is the stuff of gamer dreams. In a game like Smash, that’s no easy feat. Although it’s clear that they could add or subtract Nintendo properties whenever they wanted to, 3rd party characters like Snake, Cloud, and Sonic the Hedgehog were never guaranteed to return depending on their licensing.

But right out of the gate, Ultimate started strong by telling us that not only were there more fighters to look forward to but that all of your favorites, all of the characters you hate, even Wii Fit Trainer were all going to be back, many of them revamped.

“Super Smash Bros”. creator Masahiro Sakurai gives a masterful gameplay : Here every Detail of it

As time passed, we had the Belmonts confirmed as well as Isabelle, Daisy, Ridley, King K. Rool, Incineroar, and Piranha Plant, but then came the announcement of the first DLC fighter in the fighter pass. Reggie, in one of his last appearances before retirement, told us all that they had some surprising characters in the pipeline and NO ONE was expecting a character that was part of a game that came to PlayStation exclusively.

Let alone the star of one of the most popular JRPGs of the current decade. And Joker has now become so loved and embraced by the community, including MkLeo, the winner of EVO 2019 and one of the best Ultimate players.

Despite it’s few shortcomings in online play as well as modes, Mr. Sakurai and the design team are treating this game like fans would.

The fighters selected, as well as the sheer amount, have kept with their promise to be exciting, unexpected, and are loved and played by many.

The stages and the music selected to be added to the game have shown that they understand the audience of each franchise.

With Spirits and Challenges, it has a little something for collectors. For the lone players or narrative fans, there is a story mode.

For the people who host massive Smash parties, the 16 player games, Tournaments, Tag Team, and Smashdown can add some intense gameplay.

And if you play with one friend or a sibling, you can play co-op in Classic and Story mode, as well as Home Run Contest. Creators can also shine by making new Miis and Stages for people to download.

There is literally something for everyone and it’s done so well. Smash has never struggled to be popular among fighter fans as well as even casual gamers, but I can see Ultimate being here for a long time and here to stay much as Melee has.

If you haven’t picked up Ultimate yet, you need to. There is no way any Smash fan should miss out on this game. If you do have it, then here is to a bright future, long may Ultimate and Sakurai reign.


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