Southern California cannabis growers sued over odors

The multiple marijuana growers in southern California have been sued by residents of smells from greenhouses lead to health issues. In needed, the growers seal their use of carbon-based filtration methods on the lawsuit filed by residents of the small community.

There is possible to plaintiffs allege in the suit that the vapor phase system by the greenhouse to deal with odors caused eye irritations as well as make allergies and asthma worse. Then, the marijuana smell scares away from buyers on been on the market over the past two years. Now, you ensure the suit claims on phase system in use to mitigate odors’ eye irritations and worsen allergies and asthma.

Southern California cannabis growers sued over odors

Lawsuit Sources:

 The breathing this brew chemicals for the last two and a half years and it is legal recreational cannabis from windows and backyards of some of the plaintiffs. Then, mainly focus on marijuana smell scares away from being on the market over the past two years.

It also considers the lawsuit states on residents which enables or settles with the action of greenhouse change filtration systems and odor improves. However, it representative of the growers said to served with lawsuits and did not have a response. Then, it also enables the cannabis law of legal to provide on medical marijuana on the patient with regulates on use to balance law and concerns and tax revenue

 Probably, the dismiss or settle the action on growers to replace the filtration system and mitigate the door to the complaint. They provide the marijuana policy issues on the drafting of cannabis business regulations and zoning laws due to needing individual.

Moreover, the community considers California State cannabis regulation of both adult-use and medical marijuana. The  immediate response of suits with odors from marijuana facilities have improved the growing problem nationwide, leading to embraced on an opportunity to skill set of assist with cannabis business throughout the consistent California state and local law including

  • Cannabis licensing (local and state)
  • Cannabis regulatory compliance
  • Appeals of cannabis license
  • Permit denials or discipline
  • Cannabis litigation and administrative hearings
  • Development agreements
  • Building permits
  • Zoning & land use
  • Leases
  • Voter initiatives
  • Advocacy
  • Business
  • hemp licensing and regulations


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