Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Make Out At Clippers Game like No one is watching


Believe it or not, Shawn and Camila are dating for – drumroll, please about 132 days, or four months and change! Somehow it seems that centuries ago the “Senorita” music video was dropped and people started speculating?

Some people still claim that the entire relationship is fake (lol), but Sean and Camilla are still together in the shroud season, and if you ask me, he speaks! We have analyzed Shawn and Camilla’s body language when they first started their public PDA parade in July, as well as performing VMAs exclusively back in August.

Thankfully, body language expert Blanca Cobb has a tea you are desperately craving for and is dissecting all the diets at Shamila’s recent makeout-filled interaction at a Los Angeles Clippers basketball game earlier this week. Sean’s eyes were wide open at one point while he was kissing Camilla, but is that feeling as * really * as sus? Allow Blanca to fill you inside.

“Sean has his hands on his hips, which is an intimate part of the body, and if you were familiar, you wouldn’t put your hands there.” “The curvature of his fingers suggests that he is relaxed and comfortable with him. And as far as resting on the thigh of his left hand, his fingers also relax, meaning that he is with Camilla. Feeling quite chill. ”

Seriously, whoever kisses in a basketball game like this? That’s right, no one! According to Blanca, it is very extraordinary that Sean and Camilla are getting so emotional in such a setting.

Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Make Out At Clippers Game like No one is watching

“This kiss doesn’t look like anything more than lip touching, but you blindly kiss this type of dull on a ball game, and that means they feel very comfortable with each other, don’t expect that.” Is, “he said.

Despite the fact that Sean and Camilla are literally attached to the lips, the rest of their bodies are also trying to keep the connection. “Sean’s hand is on Camila’s shoulder, and the resting place between the fingers reflects confidence,” Blanca said.

Camilla, on the other hand, “has her hands wrapped around Sean’s middle and her free hand holding Sean’s free hand, meaning they are having their relationship.”

Well last but not least, we need to talk about that open-eyed kiss. I know it sounds weird, guys! And if I take my BF off my attention like this mid-makeout, I know I will get annoyed! But Blanca says Sean’s open eyes aren’t really anything serious – he’s just a guy in a basketball game who is distracted by the Air Force.

“Sean is distracted, which you can tell because he has his eyes open and is looking at the court, but he and Camilla are still bonding because their fingers are connected,” Blanca explained. “There is no tension in the fingers, but the fingers of Shawn’s right hand are not touching the back of Camilla’s hand, which indicates distraction at her end.”

So does this distraction become a problem for the couple? No, not even a little. “They’re sitting shoulder to shoulder like they literally joined the seam,” Blanca said. “You can tell from the position of the legs – Camila is leaning towards her.”

Even though some fans are convinced about Sean and Camilla’s relationship being fake, Blanca said that Shamila’s body language suggests that they are already behaving in public in this manner.

“I’m passionate feely at times. Sean and Camilla look for consistency patterns in their PDAs and in public, they kiss each other. They are comfortable in their PDA style and that their relationship has not changed over the course,” Blanca said.

“They feel a spark for each other because they are in four months and still in the honeymoon phase, but from what I’m seeing, these are all good signs as of today!”

Weld, Sean and Camilla Hara, seem to be stronger than friends. So if you are not a fan of the relationship, unfortunately, it seems that you have to hold on!v


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