Rune II for Epic Games Store Finally Released – Details inside-Gaming


Rune II is finally to be officially released on the Epic Games Store this November 12.
The game, developed and published by Human Head Studios, is an epic Viking-themed action RPG were gods, beast creatures, and the last standing humans are struggling to survive. It occurs at the end of days in a dangerous universe called Norse.

Ragnarok has caused the living inhabitants to go mad. Only the most ferocious warrior can survive a fight against bandits, cannibals, demonic creatures and many more. Press against a limited time; Players need to stop the deceitful Loki from destroying Midgard as soon as possible.

Players will play as the savior of Midgard whom the gods have chosen. He will get the option to choose one of the three Norse gods to pledge his loyalty, namely Hale, Odin, and Thor. Players will receive God’s blessing with strong powers as they embark on an adventure towards the end of Ragnarok.

The game’s new trailer gives a glimpse of what was expected after the original game, Human Head’s Rune 2000. Players will receive different types of powers depending on which god they want to serve.

Rune II for Epic Games Store Finally Released – Details inside-Gaming

For example, the player serving the Nurse Lord Hale gives him the power to summon a wave of terrible looking snow spikes from the floor. On the other hand, players who choose Thor will get a power-generating all-powerful sinister hammer, Majholnir.

While it is not clear exactly what kind of powers Lord Odin would bless players with, it can be seen that a ren’s swarm was flying around during the trailer’s fiery intro. Perhaps players will gain the power to summon the Ravens while serving Odin.

In addition, players may prefer to play the game alone or team up with other players as they travel around the world, collect rare items and engage in a formidable battle with the soldiers of Loki’s forces Huh. In addition, they need to locate valuable artifacts to subdue the Real Gate as well as build the strongest weapons present in the nine locations.

Since this game is built around the Viking theme, players will become Viking and will have a lot of rushing throughout the game. Interested players can purchase the game at Epic Games stores. It is available in three different versions, namely Warrior Pack, God Slayer Pack, and Berserker Rage Edition.


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