Remy Ma Revealeds why he needed to destroy Nicki Minaj with a clue of Diss


Remy Ma has decided to talk about the song that used to drag Nicki Minaj to the ground and back: “SHETHER.”

Three years ago, Paphos’ wife dropped the epic song that jolted the rap world.

Remy Ma spared no effort and took pictures of Nikki’s family, career and plastic surgery.

In a Hollywood interview and an interview with Jason Lee, Remy Ma finally revealed who pushed her to perform the song: “I’ve seen her since she debuted and tried
Move ahead. She had great respect for what she could do and what she could achieve. when I got home, We had a conversation, in which he actually contacted me, and we talked, and I was like, I know because I had already gone through this. ”

The new mother continued: “As women in this industry if two girls go and both are beautiful and put them in magazines, videos or whatever, and they are girls
& # 39; This & # 39; … Both of them (against each other).

Remy Ma Reveals why he needed to destroy Nicki Minaj with a clue of Diss

We had a real conversation. Whatever you say, they will say that I will come with you. Whatever you say, They will ask me to come to you. We will not let it affect me and I feel that we are there. ”

The woman and reality television star said rumors heard behind closed doors angered her: “What led to the whole affair? SHETHER” She was Heard a lot of things behind the scenes and could not understand. Why would you do this to me? Why was this happening? I wasn’t even holding the bag, it was a bit like crap. I only saw things (things) that I saw with my own eyes. ”

She also mentioned: “I was already upset about everything. I thought, thought me, as long as it is like this, no one, not only me, no woman will be able to be successful as long as it is. If you don’t sound like this, if you don’t look like this, If you don’t bend it, we’ll never get anywhere. I don’t give a shit anymore. We do this ”.

Many people in the industry besides their spouse “SHHER, quote;” Did not support his decision to leave. Although he made some noise, it is unclear whether he actually benefited from it.


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