Prince Charles And Duchess Camilla Tour New Zealand And South Pacific


Charles and Camilla arrived in Auckland with much fanfare, but a group of Nyuan dancers and a 97-year-old returned serviceman stole the show on the first day of their royal visit to New Zealand.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall made their first appearance of their week-long tour on Monday morning at the Mount Roskill War Memorial Park in the South of Auckland.

Park recognizes the contribution of soldiers from Niue – a small Pacific island nation – who fought with New Zealand in World War I.

Dorothy Sietu, one of the leaders of the New York Returns and Services Association New Zealand, said she was filled with joy at seeing the royal couple in the flesh. “I like to dance and sing,” he said. “I was very happy to meet the prince. And then He asked me about my gift and he was happy to get it. Camila was also happy. ”

Sietu offered the royal couple a traditional sheet before going in for a party.

Providing a musical backdrop with a local children’s singing, the prince and duchess were presented to visitors drawn largely from the military community.

Prince Charles And Duchess Camilla Tour New Zealand And South Pacific

Norma Bucknell, a 97-year-old veteran of World War II, told the prince her voice with a sharp voice, which caused laughter from the crowd.

“They said, ‘Which branch are you in?” And I said, ‘Communication. ‘It was 1942 that I joined it, so I forgot a little but not all of it. It was amazing. ”

The Duchess wore a green foam green jacket and skirt; A royal mind appeared with a transparent umbrella as soon as the sky opened.

The royal couple amused themselves with Charles in public to meet those who had held private events.

Eva Lever, from nearby Vanhunga, said she had prepared for a stick back. “I have never seen the royals and I thought it was great to come to Mount Roskill nearby,” he said. “It is lovely to see them in the flesh. I am thrilled to bits. ”

The royal couple has a packed itinerary. He garlanded for the cultural reception.
This will be followed by a visit to a social enterprise that generates employment through waste reduction, a trip to Vuapai for sustainability-focused wineries and military productions.

There are only three public opportunities for the public to associate with the prince and the dullness. The pair will stroll around Auckland’s Viaduct Harbor on Tuesday and Christchurch’s Cathedral Square on Friday before Charles visits the seaside town of Kaikoura on Saturday.

Deputy Labor leader, Calvin Davis, who has neon nephews, represented the government on Monday. He said, “The Duchess comments on the weather and expects the rain to stop, which happened to a large extent.”

“The best part of it for me was seeing the Niuean community and the men who served alongside New Zealand in World War One.”


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