“Poldark” Season 5- Episode 6 Full Review- Who is in the cast? What’s New in this Episode


In a tense and somber episode, full of cruel emotional batterings, Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) must stand against his enemies to fight hard to save the life of his friend, Ned Despard (Vincent Regan), who’s on trial for treason.

It’s a stitch-up, of course, Ned might be a drunk and a loudmouth, but he’s no traitor. Yet the British establishment lines up against him to do its best to shut him up for good, so his daring ideas about democracy and the freedom of slaves are sunk forever.

Ross takes the stand as a defense witness at Ned’s show trial, as does noble doctor, Dwight Enys (Luke Norris), to try to turn the tide and to make the jury see sense. Despard was a real character, so you can Google his fate should you wish to. Things aren’t happy back in Cornwall, either; someone is stealing ore from the Poldark mine and that little minx Tess is causing trouble again.


Geoffrey Charles is forced to make a desperate plan to elope with Cecily before the wedding, and Demelza uncovers a theft at the mine. Sam’s growing attachment to Rosina comes under threat by Tess’s claim to seek a purer life and with Ned’s trial looming large and the odds stacked against them.

“Poldark” Season 5- Episode 6 Full Review- Who is in the cast? What’s New in this Episode


Ross Poldark Aidan Turner
Demelza Poldark Eleanor Tomlinson
Morwenna Carne Ellise Chappell
Joseph Merceron Tim Dutton
Prudie Paynter Beatie Edney
George Warleggan Jack Farthing
Kitty Despard Kerri McLean
Dwight Enys Luke Norris
Col Ned Despard Vincent Regan
Drake Carne Harry Richardson
Zacky Martin Tristan Sturrock
Ralph Hanson Peter Sullivan
Cary Warleggan Pip Torrens
Caroline Enys Gabriella Wilde
Sam Carne Tom York
William Wickham Anthony Calf
Cecily Hanson Lily Dodsworth-Evans
Tess Tregidden Sofia Oxenham
Geoffrey Charles Freddie Wise
Rosina Hoblyn Amelia Clarkson
Jeremy Poldark Oscar Novak
Clowance Poldark Wensdae Gibbons
Valentine Warleggan Woody Norman
Thomas Erskine Peter Forbes
Sir Spencer Percival Sam Crane
Foreman of the jury William Sebag-Montefiore
Lord Ellenborough Richard Dixon
Jacka Hoblyn John MacNeill
Coldbath prison guard Dan O’Keefe
Vicar Don Gallagher
Director Justin Molotnikov
Executive Producer Debbie Horsfield
Executive Producer Damien Timmer
Executive Producer Karen Thrussell
Producer Michael Ray
Writer Debbie Horsfield


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