Pokemon(CG remake) : Mewtwo strikes back Evolution is hitting Netflix this month

Pokemon: A new CG version of the first movie will come to Netflix next month

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are reinvented versions of Pokemon Yellow and have sold over 11 million copies since launching on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. So why don’t you redo the Pokemon title and hope for the best?

Enter Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back-Evolution. 1998 Pokemon: The first movie remake, the 1998 movie uses an anime manga style, but the 2020 Mewtwo strike back is all CG. Unlike Pikachu Detective, which makes Pokemon look more realistic. Consider a Pokemon movie created by DreamWorks.

In the trailer above, Ash, Misty, Brock, Pikachu, Squattle, Mewtwo, Team Rocket and more are all remade with the latest CG technology for visual enjoyment.

Pokemon(CG remake) : Mewtwo strikes back Evolution is hitting Netflix this month
Pokemon(CG remake): Mew two strikes back Evolution is hitting Netflix this month

The story revolves around Mewtwo, a super-powerful artificial Pokemon, and its clone Pokemon army. The movie was first released in Japan last July but has so far not been available to English-speaking viewers.

Mewtwo’s Strikes Back -Evolution will air on Netflix starting February 27. Follow Pokemon Sword and Shield, launched on Switch in November, with the exciting news of getting two big expansion packages in 2020.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings, anime sword and shield, debuts on YouTube

Inspired by Pokemon’s sword and shield game, Twilight Wings took place in the Gallar region and the first of seven episodes is now available on the video site.

Pokemon Sword and Shield arrived at the Nintendo Switch in November. Several enhancements were made later this year, and now you can see the English-style Gallar area in animated form. Pokemon: The first episode of Twilight Wings arrived on YouTube on Wednesday.

If you’ve ever played swords and shields, you’ll recognize characters like handsome President Rose. His fierce commander, Oleanna. Gala Pokemon Champion Leon. But the real fun is detecting all the different Pok√©mon that appear.


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