Pharrell Williams On Cover Of GQ Teaches Us “The New Masculinity”


Grammy triumphs someone, Pharrell Williams is that the cowl star of the most recent edition of GQ Magazine dubbed “The new Masculinity” issue. The New Masculinity issue is an inquiry of the ways in which ancient notions of masculinity square measure being challenged, overturned, and evolved.

The Happy singer who sings sentimental songs in low voice talks about masculinity, working through thorny ideas about the patriarchy, about the politics of gender and sexual identity in 2019 and beyond, about past missteps and his personal evolution.

Pharrell has been AN agent of modification his whole career. When he busts into the general public consciousness, about 20 years ago, as a producer and then as the frontman of N.E.R.D., That might not sound earth-shattering now, but the many people of the  generation of young African American misfits will tell you that Pharrell Williams was the first time they saw themselves in pop culture.

On his definition of Masculinity:

Pharrell thinks the original meaning of masculinity is that the essence of you that understands and respects that that isn’t masculine. If you solicit from me, when we talk about masculinity, it’s also very racial, this conversation.

Pharrell Williams On Cover Of GQ Teaches Us “The New Masculinity”

Because the dominant force on this planet straight away is that the older straight white male. And there’s a selected portion of them that senses a tanning result. They sense a feminizing effect. They sense a non-binary result once it involves gender.

I like to keep things separate. Because I don’t want to get tired of myself. It’s cool to figure in several disciplines, but it’s annoying to come off like an arrogant Swiss Army knife.

I like to stay things separate in order that there’s still that component of surprise. I think that’s important when it comes to any kind of art: the element of Wait, what? Rather than I did this, and that, and this, and that.


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