Payday 2 Border Crossing DLC Released -Now available on pc


The developer Starbreeze has confirmed that the DLC of the previously announced Payday 2 border robbery – the first fruits of its renewed work on the popular multiplayer game – will be launched on PC Thursday 7 November.

The Previous month, Mikael Nermark who is CEO of Starbreeze announced that work will resume on day 2, following difficult months for the study, despite the development of the game ended formally last December. As a result of that decision, Nermark explained, Payday 2 fans could expect “paid or free” updates in the future.

I before those updates, entitled Silk Road, is officially described as a “free core game update”. However, most of the components it introduces are, in effect, paid for DLC.

The free Silk Road elements take the form of user interface improvements and a new clothing system, which allows players to customize their characters’ clothing. The upgrade will include six free outfits and another four (each with five color variations) will be released in the paid DLC Tailor Pack 1.

Also arriving tomorrow, and even at the top of the non-free pile, is the brand new DLC Border Crossing previously teased. This new robbery takes place on both sides of the US-Mexican border and is playable in invisible and noisy mode.

Payday 2 Border Crossing DLC Released -Now available on pc

A second smaller robbery, known as Border Crystal and placed in the same position, is also included in the DLC. To complete the list of DLCs paid tomorrow is the Mod package of the Payday 2 cartel, which includes 10 new mods of weapons, with emphasis on optics and viewfinders.

Buyers can expect three sights, two pistol sights, two optical gadgets, a handle, a compensator, and a mouth brake. At the moment, Starbreeze has not disclosed prices for the Mod Pack and other paid updates.

Addressing the fact that the revised Starbreeze plans would mean giving up the promise to make all future Payday 2 updates free of charge following the release of the Ultimate Edition bundle by, Nermak wrote in his statement last month, “We want to keep going and do more than Payday 2 and to do that we need your support to continue producing content.


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