Oregon Police Investigating Cannabis-Focused Burglary Ring

Police in Oregon is currently investigating a burglary ring that targeted cannabis businesses, the Oregonian reports. As a part of this investigation, Portland and Salem police seized a lots of guns, huge amount money in cash and marijuana on Friday during the course of an investigation into a burglary ring that targeted cannabis businesses.

Police has successfully seized:-$33,000 in cash, 30 pounds of cannabis, 16 firearms, a marijuana concentrate, burglary tools and also found some clothing and other material.

Portland Police Assistant Chief Andrew Sherer twitted that one arrest had been made in the case and there were “more to follow” with the progress of case investigation. Officials have not released any other information, related to the ongoing investigation`

Oregon Police Investigating Cannabis-Focused Burglary Ring
Oregon Police Investigating Cannabis-Focused Burglary Ring

There was also a case where no arrest warrant has been issued. The case has took place in 2019, Shadows Farms, located in Southeast Portland, was burglarized for about $1 million in products.

By and large, however, cannabis dispensaries were never use to be the reason for uptick in crime in its neighborhood. A 2019 study has showed in Regional Science and Urban Economics actually found that dispensaries reduce crime in their neighborhoods by about 19 percent, or 17 crimes per month per 10,000 residents.

In 2018, a study Funded by RAND published by the “Institute of Labor Economics” found there is “no significant impact of dispensaries on violent crime” in any of their models. They also found that there is 5.1 percent to 6.3 percent reduction in property crimes in counties that allowed the dispensaries.

A “University of Colorado” at Denver published a study that last year they observed a slight uptick in crime around dispensaries that declines over time. In 2019, Denver, Colorado dispensaries were the main target of five robberies and 122 burglaries, which was a three-year high. Denver Police believe as many as six of those robberies and break-ins are interlinked and they are investigating to get any conclusion.

Cannabis businesses are mostly targeted due to the cash-only nature of the industry because of federal prohibition, which prevents cannabis businesses from accessing simple financial services.

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