Oregon Advocates Launch Drug Decriminalization And Treatment Ballot Campaign

 Currently, the drug policy in Oregon leads to the November elections. The advocates announced on Saturday the launch of the ballot measure campaign. It also established the humane and effective approach to drugs. However, the initiative accesses the drug treatment and historic first on low-level possession of all drugs state-wide. There are drug treatments and recovery of the effort of reframing of use drugs.

Mainly focus on announced the effort to health issue rather than a matter of criminal justice. However, the proposal would take money existing marijuana tax revenue and more addiction recovery centers throughout the state. Now, they provide the expand services and focus on evidence-based treatment include support for people with substance use disorders and emphasize. After, harm reduction on approach which prevents the drug education.

Oregon Advocates Launch Drug Decriminalization And Treatment Ballot Campaign

  The Best Strategy Of Treatment:

 The campaign is quick to measure which does not legalize any drugs. It also decriminalizes possession of some illegal drugs. Now, they would change with the law regarding the possession of drugs for personal use. For instance, the crime, possession must be charged with infraction on the class violation.

Then, the maximum fine and could be avoided by completing the health assessment through the recovery center include the screening by a licensed health care worker. Now, the advocates ensure that people have access to effective drug treatment rather than try to address through the policing and punishment with the strategy on over decades of the war on drugs.

 The campaign announced from supporting the organization which includes representing the victims of violence on concerned and different types of other communities. Now, the highest ranks on access to drug addiction treatment pointing to the federal government as well as the data and not receiving treatment include the special facility for substance use.

It also considers to out of jail times on never addressed her addiction or its underlying causes. instead, the receiving treatment is the turning point of live to the relationship with children that had been completely severed. Moreover, the proposal to expand on state treatment service and it is the field to a limited signature-gathering the last test of measures with us.

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