New Update Steam’s Big Library Is Now Available for Everyone

Your Steam game collection is about to look incredibly different. Valve has now released a Steam update that brings the redesigned Library to everyone, giving you a smarter view of your catalog.

There’s now a central hub with game news, friend activity, recent games, and the Collections you create either by hand or with search criteria.

You can also see Events that showcase ongoing activities in games, such as the special multiplayer weekends or new add-ons.

Think of it as a way to surface a long-lost favorite or just keep in touch with what others are playing. The redesigned Steam library is available to download right now following a beta update.

New Update Steam's Big Library Is Now Available for Everyone
New Update Steam’s Big Library Is Now Available for Everyone

Not to mention, Steam’s new library is already long overdue, and Valve broke down the various new features in a new blog post. But going forward, it’s pretty clear that Valve is hoping that the Steam library becomes more of a hub where players can also track their favorite games and communities all from one place.

The first big change is the look. The Steam library now acts as a landing page that now gives immediate updates on recently played games, friend activity, and also game updates.

Clicking on a game in your library will bring up its page, which now features more information than before.

You can even see the latest updates for a title,  community posts, achievements, and a list of friends who play that specific game.

Given the explosion of live-service games in recent years, a lot of titles like Destiny 2 feature limited-time events that can come and go without players even noticing.

The Steam library will now alert players to whether or not a game is currently hosting a limited-time event in their library.

To celebrate the new Steam library, Valve is also expanding its Remote Play Together beta to all its Steam users. This allows Steam users to play remote local multiplayer games online with their friends.

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