New Pokémon Revealed, Pokémon Sword and Shield ,what’s new in this?


Just a few months persist until Pokemon Sword and Shield furlough on Nintendo Switch and The Pokemon Company proceeds to disclose new details about the highly predicted titles in the lead up to their launch.

Just after a few weeks, the games’ big showing during E3 2019, the company dropped a new Sword and Shield glimpse that showcased Gigantamaxing, a particular form of Dynamaxing that gains a Pokemon’s size and alters its appearance.

Not long after that, we got our first peek at Galarian forms and a few new rivals, and September’s Nintendo Direct indicated the new Pokemon Camp feature.

Meanwhile, the series’ seventh-generation games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, took place in the tropical Alola region, Sword and Shield are set in Galar, a scenic countryside inspired by the UK.


We’ve only seen brief bits of the region thus far, but it’s home to a variety of customary Pokemon–including fan-favorites like Tyranitar, Lucario, and o very own cutie Pikachu! As well as some fresh Gen 8 monsters.

That comprises of three new starter Pokemon–Grookey, Scorbunny, and Cobble–as well as two mystery and well… spooky, wolf-like Legendaries named Zacian and Zamazenta, who adorn the covers of Sword and Shield, each.

We’ve seen a handful of other new monsters from the upcoming games as well, from the delightful sheep Pokemon Wooloo to the brave raven Corviknight; you can take a look at all of the new Gen 8 Pokemon, Nintendo will likely unveil even more new monsters as we approach Sword and Shield release date.

Sword and Shield takeoff for Nintendo Switch on November 15. While we don’t yet comprehend how many Pokemon will materialize in the games, we do understand that not all old monsters can be substituted to them from the upcoming Pokemon Home service; you’ll only be able to bring over Pokemon that already arise in the Galar Pokedex–a judgment that has sparked much controversy.

Despite this constraint, series producer Junichi Masuda published a statement assuring that Pokemon which don’t make the cut in Sword and Shield can still materialize in titles yet to come. You can get more information about the game the games in our Pokemon Sword and Shield release date etc, on their official website as well.


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