New ‘NBA’ game offers a quick basketball fix on your phone: Details inside

If you’re a big basketball game fan that you can’t even wait to get home before shooting hoops, there might be a solution in sight now.

Gamevil has released NBA Now, a game for both Android and iOS that’s designed to be played with only one hand.

Rather than taking direct control of players, you serve as a general manager who is trying to create an all-star team and steer games from the sidelines. Accordingly, everything is designed to be played single-handed.

New 'NBA' game offers a quick basketball fix on your phone: Details inside
New ‘NBA’ game offers a quick basketball fix on your phone: Details inside

Thought, there’s always a vertical view of the action with abstract on-screen controls. It won’t be as involving as the latest console hit, but you can still play while you’re waiting for the bus.

There are some pretty uncommon twists for games like this. Player ratings are based on real NBA stats that keep changing from day to day.

And if your NBA knowledge runs deep, you can even earn perks for predicting winning teams. Meanwhile, multiplayer should keep the game lively.

The title is now available for free, although you likely know what that means: in-app purchases, right?

Gamevil has loaded NBA with a virtual coin system and other purchases that suggest this can be a grind if you’re not willing to pay.

Still, it’s not often that you see a basketball game that’s this optimized for on-the-go play. Still, it might not hurt to give it a try if you think you could create a better team than the pros.

Earlier this month, News has it that live mobile feature is going to release.

NBA Live’s The One is fantastic and gets close to MyCareer on NBA 2K. But 2K is superior in almost every department. Ultimate Team would give Live something 2K can’t get close to.

Adding Draft Champions, or something similar, to Live Ultimate Team would present a huge shift in the game. It would undoubtedly draw a lot of fans to the game, too.

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