New Healthcare Staffing Partnership Leads Firms Find and Place Talent Faster: Details Inside

DENVER, Oct. 31, 2019,/PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Staffing Referrals, the first automated referral management platform built for the staffing industry, announced today a new partnership with Wanderly.

Wanderly is “The Kayak of Healthcare Staffing”, a Reimagined Recruitment Marketplace that provides transparent pay package information to healthcare travelers to create more meaningful connections between talent and staffing agencies.

While the war for talent is intensifying, this time-bound partnership offers healthcare firms a unique opportunity to engage and engage with more qualified travel health professionals and their networks.

Together, these new sourcing platforms help travelers cut through the noise and find jobs that meet their financial needs. They give candidates the right to share jobs with their network in exchange for a referral award.

New Healthcare Staffing Partnership Leads Firms Find and Place Talent Faster: Details Inside
New Healthcare Staffing Partnership Leads Firms Find and Place Talent Faster: Details Inside

Here are some reasons to get excited about staffing referrals and Wanderley integration:
Staffing firms can increase placements by automating the referral process from their vendor agency profiles, personal recruitment pages, and job listings.

Real-time referral statistics give you a lively insight into the joy of your talent. The Wanderley platform delivers delicate nurses solely to agency nurses, increasing the speed of appointments by more than 300%.

Wanderley creates healthy competition among agencies, candidates can refer their friends and colleagues directly to the best recruiters in the industry”.In staffing referrals, we believe in technology solutions that speed up the recruitment cycle by creating greater transparency.

Challenges the status quo by breaking down barriers between talent and employers. And in staff referrals, we are more qualified, ready- To-Eat.

President of Staff Referral David Folwell said, “Candidates working together, Wonderly and Staffing Referrals from your existing network Will help to source talent from the existing network, and multiple placements.”

About Wanderly, Wanderly is a Reimagined Recruitment Marketplace serving the healthcare staffing industry. We are obsessed with the future of work within healthcare.

It’s not about a nurse shortage, it’s about employing technology to bring healthcare professionals, agencies, workforce management providers, and health systems together with increased velocity.

We’ve built an ecosystem predicated on meaningful connections for everyone involved, capturing the heart of nearly 50% of the travel nurse workforce and growing exponentially.

Wanderly’s journey began by solving various issues of trust and inefficiency with supply. We now focus on addressing the challenges faced by agencies, workforce management providers, and our nation’s health systems.

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