Netflix_ Ragnarok Is Based On Norse Mythology — Here’s All Details

You all have seen Thor: The Ragnarok, right? Well, did you ever think what Ragnarok means? Anyone? Well, for those who don’t know Ragnarok means “Fate of the Gods” as per Norse mythology. 

Netflix is starting a new series named Ragnarok which is originally based on Poetic Edda, an ancient poem collection dating from the 13ry century. 

It is believed that Ragnarok made way for a very harsh winter, something which no world has ever seen. The winter was accompanied by harsh cold winds and snow that lasted three times more than the normal winter seasons known to man. 

Naturally, agriculture suffered and crops became scarce. Eventually, the humans, starved to death, turned on each other whipping half of the human world. The deteriorating conditions of mankind summoned Loki, who came in a ship called Naglfar and was accompanied by an army of giants. 

Netflix_ Ragnarok Is Based On Norse Mythology — Here’s All Details
Netflix_ Ragnarok Is Based On Norse Mythology — Here are All Details

However, this infuriated the other Gods including Odin, Loki’s father who is finally killed by Fenrir, a huge wolf. But Odin was avenged by Vidar, another son of Odin who slit Fenrir’s throat. 

Almost all the Gods and giants die in the battle excluding a few. They were Vali, Odin’s son, Baldur, and Thor’s son Modi and Magni. As per Norse mythology, only a man and woman survived the Ragnarok and it was on them to repopulate the Earth. 

But why suddenly all this discussion about Ragnarok today? Because thanks to Netflix a teen supernatural series is going to premiere soon and it’s based on the original idea of Ragnarok!

As seen in the trailer, the story revolves around two brothers who arrive at Edda where they discover newfound abilities and the threat the environment is going to put on them!

Going by trailer it only seems fit that this new launch by Netflix is very much similar to the ancient poem collection named Ragnarok! 

This will ve a nail-biting series and we cannot wait for it!

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