Netflix_ Hopes Have Already Turned To Gentefied Season 2, Check All Details Here

If you have already watched Gentefied then you might have to wait long, because season 2 of this show will take some time to stream. 

So far, Netflix has done a great job by delivering some fine shows to us. A few of them include The Stranger, Locke & Key and now Gentefied. 

This comedy-drama by Marvin Lemus and Linda Yvette Chávez started streaming from Friday. There are only ten episodes in the season, however, each of these deals with important issues and subject matters. Undoubtedly it’s a great binge watch for those who are looking for something other than mindless drama. 

The storyline is simple and involves three Mexican-Americans going through the various pitfalls of living their American dream life. The series has been crafted beautiful and deals with various issues related to life, community, and family. So, if you do have a subscription then it’s essential to watch this series. 

Netflix_ Hopes Have Already Turned To Gentefied Season 2, Check All Details Here

Now coming to the second season of the series, though we had been waiting for some news on the next season, there is still some time left in that. Netflix is delivering some fine shows to its viewers and it’s essential to keep them hooked on. One way of doing that is by providing some amazing content and that takes time. 

It’s most likely that Netflix will review the figure won by the first season this year and then make plans for the next season moving ahead. Even if the profits and responses are reviewed sometime early, chances of them launching the next season in 2020 is quite bleak. 

If the results of the first season look promising, then in all probability, the season 2 will be released sometime next year. However, it’s advisable to stay optimistic about the results and we are sure to receive some news around late March or in early April 2020. 


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