Netflix: Pete Davidson’s First Netflix Standup Comedy Special Alive From NewYork Has Been Set To Streaming Platform

Netflix has announced a new standup comedy show and making a debut with it is the young and famous comedian Pete Davidson. The show is named Pete Davidson: Alive From New York and will be releasing on the 25th of February making a worldwide release on the OTT channel. The trailer of the standup comedy special is already out and give glimpses of tickling jokes. 

Davidson is seen sharing his opinions on the relationship of a gay man with a straight man. He expands on the matter saying though it’s honest as none of them has anything to gain from it. He doesn’t find it funny when gay men don’t turn out to be gayish in its true sense.


Giving an example he shares how he has seen them walking up to his girlfriends and touching them freely just because they can. He says it is annoying and would never do the same to them by pricking on their boyfriends.

The standup comedy special for Netflix was shot at the Gramercy Theater of New York. The comedian who was recently seen in a drag queen makeover sketch by RuPaul has a record to be the only 90’s born SNL member.

He came under limelight from the Saturday Night Live show that gets aired on Central Comedy with his real-life anecdotes on sex and relationship along with marijuana. Pete joined SNL as a cast member in its 40th season and continues to be a part of it when the show is in its 45th season. 

Apart from doing standup comedy, Davidson has also been a part of movies like What Men Want, voiced The Angry Birds Movie: 2 and will also be seen in The Suicide Squad. While this may be the first time for him on the OTT channel, Netflix has hosted comedy specials before with comedian biggies like Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, and Bo Burnham. 

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