Netflix: P.S. I Still Love You’s Film Ending Is A Bit Different From The Ending Presented In The Novel

P.S. I Still Love You is a Romantic Novel written by American Author Jenny Han in the year 2015.

P.S. I Still Love You is a new cinema will be aired on Netflix. The viewer can watch the movie on Netflix on February 12, 2020. The film is a sequel of – To All the boys I’ve loved before novel. The movie ending is  bit different from the ending presented in the novel.

Netflix:- P.S.- I- Still- Love- You's- Film- Ending- Is- A- Bit- Different- From- The- Ending- Presented- In- The- Novel
Netflix:- P.S.- I- Still- Love- You’s- Film- Ending- Is- A- Bit- Different- From- The- Ending- Presented- In- The- Novel

  • The story from the novel has lot of changes on its path to Netflix.
  • The climax in the movie version is different from the Novel.
  • The movie has a smiling and lovely ending. However, in the first Novel ends with Lara Jean tries to convey about her true feelings and emotions to Peter.
  • The vital parts of the novel story remain the same till the intermission (First half).
  • Lara Jean and Peter relationship will be going well.
  • Lara Jean receive a letter from John Ambrosia (Classmate from the Middle School) who was her Crush.
  • Lara begins to volunteer at an elderly home and John also join hands with Lara.
  • John and Lara plans for a reunion of the Middle school friends which includes Trevor, Chris and Gen and plans to dig out the buried time capsule outside the tree house which was about to cut down shortly.
  • Meanwhile Lara and Peter have a Quarrel which leads to breaking up the relationship.
  • John and Lara organize a ball for all the old age group and try to bring Smile on their faces.
  • Lara starts missing Peter and rushes out of the ball to find where peter is?
  • Lara finds Peter, Lara once again admits her love for peter and kiss him later they also spend romantic time under the tree house. Peter also confess his Love for Lara. 
  • Movie has a Romantic ending.
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