Netflix Original ‘Ares’ On Netflix: Stream It Or Skip It:

A university is a scary place, and everyone here is trying to reform themselves or align with groups that have never had the chance to meet at high school. In Ares, Netflix’s first original Dutch series, a hard-working medical student wants to go ahead and what she was doing when she met a group of people who helped it I immediately realize that I didn’t know.

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ARES: send or skip?
Opening shot: Going to college in Amsterdam, happily confused, embarking on an elite society, falling in love with an older professor, Je seeing him, and seeing a rally of young women approaching and taking away with his eyes He cut his throat with bright scissors.

The essence: Rosa Steinwake (Jade Orieberg) is studying the predecessor of medicine at the University of Amsterdam and has a great interest in the differences between national societies. When the guest teacher talks about deep brain stimulation, Rosa asks specific questions about the fact that the procedure is only available to the rich.

Netflix Original  ‘Ares’ On Netflix: Stream It Or Skip It:
Netflix Original ‘Ares’ On Netflix: Stream It Or Skip It:

Living at home in a huge apartment is hard. Her mother Joyce (Gianni Goslinga) is schizophrenic and she always needs someone to see her, despite taking medication. His father, Dennis Lodge, works as a nurse on various shifts. It is up to the point that she can recite her mother’s medicine as if she were a pharmacist.

This is the first time that Rosa’s best friend, Jacob Wessells (Tobias Kersrut), has appeared to Rosa’s apartment for the first time in months. While they catch up with the drink, Jacob tries to drive her out when three people emerge from the society in which he participated.

Marie (Jennifer Welz), Carmen (Lisa Smit), Roderick (Robin Boissevain). She faces them and wants to know what they are. They seem to be equally curious about her, especially Carmen.

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