Netflix: “Love Is Blind,” Is It Possible To Fall In Love Without Ever Seeing The Person Fully?

“Love is blind” is the story that is made based on doing a social experiment. Nick and Vanessa host it.

The story is built based on research, in which it is identified that can couple creates a secure love connection or bond with each other without having any physical connection with each other. Can the couple get to know each other without having any physical interaction with each other? 

There are 10 men and ten women, who just left their androids when they get in the house. They go on dates in the pods, where there is a thin wall in between the daters. The couple, who cannot see each other, they can talk with each other anything and everything.

Netflix: "Love Is Blind," Is It Possible To Fall In Love Without Ever Seeing The Person Fully?
Netflix: “Love Is Blind,” Is It Possible To Fall In Love Without Ever Seeing The Person Fully?

At the very same time, we caught some expressions of the guys, where they want to know whether the woman sitting opposite to them behind the wall is black in her voice. They noted down what they experienced in the notebook because they went on various dates in 10 days. The list of people starts getting narrows down when the days start passing soon. 

The two daters can see each other only when they decided to get engaged with each other. After deciding to get involved with the partner, they come to know with the drastic reveals to see each other for the first time. After that, they are allowed to go on vacation. After knowing about each other, within 40 days, they are scheduled to get married. 

At the time of the first episode of dating, they tried to focus on a few important things. Jessica tried to find out which connection is better for her. She made efforts to find who is compatible with her.

In that episode, Lauren and Cameron made a strong bond with each other within no time. Amber tried to make a good connection with Barnett. Carlton seemed to get connected with Diamond, but the things are, he was not comfortable discussing his sexuality abuse past.  

If we talk about, can love happen without interacting with each other physically, the answer is yes for sure.  

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