Netflix: ‘Locke & Key’ Cast Explained Major Finale Twist and Teased Season 2

Props to Penn Badgley for knowing all along about Love and by no means projecting that into his overall performance in You, as a way as I can tell.

I left off at Episode 4 and featured no motive to suspect that changes. What an undertaking for Badgley, though!

Penn Badgley had to keep gambling Joe’s admiration for Love while he knew of the deadly monitor that lied ahead. Speaking of, Joe’s radar became way off, which is exciting. Did his obsessive infatuation blind him from seeing Love’s authentic nature?

Maybe. For Penn Badgley, You’s Season 2 twist got here as a welcome respite from the final season’s ending wherein Joe murdered Beck.

Netflix: 'Locke & Key' Cast Explained Major Finale Twist and Teased Season 2
Netflix: ‘Locke & Key’ Cast Explained Major Finale Twist and Teased Season 2

Hence, You switched up expectations in a significant way. The actor shared his response to the mastering of the Love twist and how he felt approximately it.

As you can have suspected at this point, he welcomed the turnaround. Badgley said:

I thought, ‘OK, excellent; we’re not simply going to kill another girl here.’ So, personally and intellectually, it helped me.

And as an actor, I become searching forward to Joe being with somebody who could certainly perhaps tolerate his insanity and violence, or match him in some manner. But then I located the wrongness of that logic.

You did now not do a wash, rinse, and repeat with its Season 2 ending. The game-changing display means that Joe becomes going toe-to-toe with a fellow killer all alongside in Season 2.

Your’s showrunner does not accept as accurate with Joe is a sociopath. Does that also practice to Love? Joe went to notable lengths to both advantages and rejected Love’s affection in You’s second

That turned into merely an actress filming a scene; however, the placement of the heart-shaped shades and the black leather-based jacket have been the first signal that Candace wouldn’t make it out of alive.

And as Love exhibits how and why she did what she did, the parallels among her and Joe grow to be even extra striking.

Love killed Delilah and Candace because they had been each boundary in the manner of her forming an own family with Joe, similar to how Joe killed Benji and Peach in Season 1 while he noticed them as being in the way of his dating with Beck.

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