NCIS Season 17 Episode 7:Full Review- What’s New in the Series?

Torres and Bishop remain in denial after NCIS season 17 episode 7, despite what is apparent to their co-workers and others.

There was also a case of the week that interfered with the above story. But I think those people have to come first in a procedural, don’t they? So let’s go with the first case.

This episode was enough to get people to visit petting zoos or at least working farms.
Once again, we were reminded of how skilled the pigs are in destroying the body.
This briefly brought back memories of how Al Swearingen got rid of his enemies on Deadwood.

The pigs destroyed features so well-identified that the team was only able to thank the victim for a mottled key that Torres found buried in pork.

When the motels discovered a network of live-streaming cameras in the attic, the motel’s journey led the investigation in a completely different direction.

So was Aaron Shaw, a former Marine, a blackmailer or a victim of the blackmailer?

It turned out that neither the answer nor the squad was brought back to a square with the victim and the mysterious blackmailer.

If a motel is in maximum D.C area, can a fraudulent politician stay far behind?

Funds sent to Shaw that looked like a blackmail payment were being met by a congressman who was running for a reunion.

NCIS Season 17 Episode 7:Full Review- What’s New in the Series?

But the answer seemed innocent enough as innocent. Riley was a childhood friend with Shaw, who was in military intelligence, and Riley sought help in the search for his blackmailer. That mission did not work very well for Shaw.

Kashi then found a heating / AC contractor due to evidence of blood found, which was unfortunately found dead in front of a bank of the live monitor.

It was also revealed that the contractor had previously worked at the NSA, and was forced to make a revolutionary career change after using government surveillance to spy on women.

As the motel’s cameras were discontinued, this meant that there were other such cameras. They were found at 13 D.C.-area motels.

As a result of this, Waynes had to bombard the call of politicians, who feared they might be under such surveillance. Rocky Carroll had a cameo for that episode, which he was busy directing.

But since the contractor was killed in a suicide, it means that the blackmailer was still out.
Not much was done for Kashi to link the contractor with his former boss at the NSA who was blackmailing him into participating in his blackmail scheme.

You would think that someone in the NSA could cover their tracks better. But his fanatical love of hockey gave him an alibi for two assassination nights. So the suspicion reverts to the Congressman who was getting blackmailed because he was telling state secrets to a Russian agent in exchange for sex.

Couldn’t he just find an apprentice like his colleagues?

At least Riley found a practical use for a campaign signal. But you have to feel bad for Shaw, who was just solidifying a friend and got killed for it. Now let’s talk about Torres and Bishop.

It is clear that there is an attraction between them, although neither of them wants to accept it. This could not have been a coincidence when Bishop showed up at the same restaurant with Elena’s hunky Marine son, at which Torres and Elena were dining.

Jimmy and McGee tried their best to discourage the two in completely different ways. Jimmy goes into the tortured history of Tony and Ziva while McGee tries to get away from the subject as soon as possible.

Elena could definitely see the chemistry between Torres and Bishop, which is why she broke it off with Nick. The discussion about the two characters “they or they won’t” gets old.
Which asks a couple of questions. First of all, it has been a three-plus season that the feelings between them are calming.

Is it long enough for something to change?

The second question is whether the audience is invested enough in the characters to care about their relationship. Nick and Ellie are not Tiva, who went through so much together.

So are the audience burning for some kind of resolution? Or should it just continue as a swinging plot that has no vision?

Nick’s relationship with Elena was doomed to fail. And it was not an age difference. It was enough to work with Torres’s usual reluctance to learn some of the basics about the woman he was dating.

Granted, Elena was hiding the fact that she had a son until the relationship progressed. But Torres, an investigator, was not attempting to listen and learn.

There is no way he should have been surprised that Ricky was an adult, also a Special Ops Marine. While it was great to see Ducky again, I felt bad when he showed him the coloring books for Ricky after receiving a bad wit from Torres.

It was great to see Phineas again in the final scene. It is the time of Grandpa Jethro and he and Phineas were building the obligatory volcano for a school project.

Gibbs needs human contact to get out of himself. Since she is no longer in a relationship (Phineas’ mother is still a possibility), playing with Phineas is a great choice.

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