My Green Network Marijuana Incubator Opening In California In Third Quarter

My Green Network – offering entrepreneurs a licensed cannabis facility with shared-workspaces , an extensive network of cultivators and manufacturing partners, and the essential elements of guidance and supervision from industry experts – will be opening in the third quarter in Santa Ana, California.

The cannabis incubator offers business owners independence, their own cannabis license, branding and marketing control, plus a money-back guarantee. But only 30 business units will be available.

“After years of experience advising and assisting cannabis start-ups, we saw the enormous need for growth and innovation in the space – but also the extremely high barriers to entry,” explains company Co-Founder James Shih. “When you see a “$50 Million cannabis facility with the latest technology making it easy – they forgot one thing, their customers are paying a corresponding price.” 

Every cannabis business faces three almost impassible barriers, Shih said: high capital startup costs (around $1 Million minimum), complex licensing, and draining overhead before releasing their first product. As a result, most of cannabis businesses fail. He said MyGN reduces startup costs by 90 percent in an industry where many owners are seeing little COVID-19-related business interruption. In fact, reports from around the United States indicate cannabis sales are booming as people remain in various degrees of lock down.

Founded by attorneys Ken Hwang and Shih, and Maria Cordeiro, MyGN hopes to become California’s premier membership-based space designed for cannabis entrepreneurs, the company said in a press release.

In what the founders call a “cloud-kitchen meets cannabis incubator,” MyGN membership provides exclusive access to essential elements of a successful venture: a compliant cannabis facility, an extensive network of cultivators and manufacturing partners, guidance and supervision from industry experts, licenses, legal advice, and more.

Four customizable memberships are available. To find out more, click on

Mike Brennan
Mike Brennan is Editor of Michigan Marijuana Report (mimarijuanareport) a cannabis, hemp and CBD news portal website for Michigan and the Great Lakes States. He has been a professional reporter and editor since 1981.

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