Meghan King Edmonds breaks silence on husband’s alleged affair

Meghan King Edmonds is breaking her silence amid rumors that her husband, Jim Edmonds, cheated on her with their children’s nanny.

The former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star blasted her husband’s “inappropriate, immature, and downright odd” behavior in a candid new blog post she shared with her website Tuesday.

Meghan began her post by referencing her husband’s sexting scandal with another girl last June.

Meghan King Edmonds breaks silence on husband's alleged affair
Meghan King Edmonds breaks silence on husband’s alleged affair

“For the past four months, I discerned my husband had several months-long sexting affairs with a girl before, during, and after my difficult pregnancy with our twins.

Seven days later our son Hart was diagnosed with a life-long brain injury called PVL that will affect every aspect of his life for the rest of his life,” Meghan wrote in her post, which titled “Broken.”

Meghan shares female offspring poplar tree and twin boys Hart and Hayes, 16 months, with Jim. The couple wed in October 2014.

The star, who captioned an Instagram photo of herself “So raw” over the weekend, went on to say that because of Jim’s “previous indiscretions,” she worried when he began “partying” with several of the family’s babysitters.

“Out of respect for my kids and my family, I find it unnecessary to go into all the gritty details.

What will be I able to say is that, in the wake of the sexting situation, my husband was drinking and partying with much younger women, including several of our babysitters, and I found this inappropriate, immature, and downright odd,” she wrote.

Jim additionally began lying regarding his whereabouts and “deleting entire text conversations on his phone with many of those young ladies.”

“And once I learned of a specific outing with a keeper, this time, to a hockey game, that Jim repeatedly lied about, I asked him to include me on all future texts with this sitter however he aforesaid, ‘No.’ Another major red flag,” she said.

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