Marijuana is not used by more than 80% of Denver teens.

Almost all young people residing in Denver will not use marijuana, according to the new survey information collected by the city. Of the children who do, the variety of day to day customers has hardly increased.

Metropolis officials surveyed 537 teenagers in Denver in 2019 to assess the effectiveness of the Excessive Prices youth marijuana prevention program and published the results on Wednesday.

Of those surveyed between 13 and 17, 81% said they currently do not use marijuana. The survey included 18-year-olds for the first time and found that 61% of them currently do not use marijuana.

In total, 57% of adolescents reported that they have in no way used marijuana, compared to 59% the previous year.

Marijuana is not used by more than 80% of Denver teens.
Marijuana is not used by more than 80% of Denver teens.

The variety of each of the young men and women who declared that they currently do not devour hashish increased to 82% and 90%, respectively, in 2019 compared to 73% and 87% the previous year.

The variety of teenagers who used marijuana only once or twice increased to 24% in 2019, compared to 21% in 2018. The same did the variety of customers day by day, as much as 3% from 1% the previous year.

Teenagers who used marijuana on a monthly and weekly basis declined only, lowering a participation level to 7% and 4%, respectively. And people within a series of cases per week remained stable at 4%.

The survey also found that the variety of teenagers who can remember the excessive price prevention marketing campaign plummeted to 56% in 2019 from 64% the previous year.

However, Ashley Kilroy, director of the government of Denver Excise and Licenses, which administers this system, remained safe from its method.

After Denver became the main major metropolis in the United States with legalized retail marijuana, many different cities and states turned to us to learn how we efficiently regulate marijuana, Kilroy said in an announcement.

The decision is that forms of fear will not be profitable for young people. Offering information about marijuana is the simplest method of youth prevention and schooling.

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