“Love Is Blind”: Lauren and Cameron Got Engaged After 5 Days Of Knowing Each Other

Netflix release the new dating show is Love is blind. You know about some couples on this show. Typically, the make to really blame. They got engaged without having Lauren and Cameron. It is the first couple to get engaged with a pair of fans who seem to root for the hardest damn cute together.

In addition, the current status of Lauren and Cameron’s relationship is good or bad. The Netflix is dropping series in the installments become still tome to know about Lauren and Cameron.

Then, she has expressed anxiety about Cameron meeting her family and the real fact is she is never an interracial relationship. Mainly, huge fans of love are blind have done through to perusal of a couple of social media as well as it is the strong evidence that Lauren and Cameron are still together.

"Love Is Blind": Lauren and Cameron Got Engaged After 5 Days Of Knowing Each Other
“Love Is Blind”: Lauren and Cameron Got Engaged After 5 Days Of Knowing Each Other

Knowing Each Other

Love Is Blind is a great series and lots of fans across the world. It is clear the actually happens ta end of show form weekend to batch of episodes dropped. Then, the evidence of Lauren and Cameron are After 5 Days still together.

Everyone is obsessed with love is blind to done deep for both Lauren and Cameron’s Instagrams and am hypothesizing. there are available married and all good with them she is tweeted.

Now, the thread point of similarities between their Instagram posts potentially indicating that Lauren and Cameron’s photos are the same locations and over the past recent months.

Now, All of these finds are impressive to the trusted way of jaw-dropping. It considers one of Cameron’s sunglasses appear to be reflecting the same outfit Lauren is wearing in various pictures.

The Lauren and Cameron both post a lot of photos from Decatur from speed brand on recent photos. Mainly she is taken to those pictures also still taking to Twitter to share their love of Lauren and Cameron is the best couple of shows in Netflix headquarters with my lawsuit together. Of course, both of getting engaged with after knowing 5 days and this stage this overall emotional

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